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HIIT Circuit Training

One of the cornerstone programs we offer here at All 4 Health N’ Wellness is HIIT Circuit Training and Group Fitness Classes. This program was created based on the understanding that fitness is as much an outer job as an inner. Your mind, body and soul must be in it to win it. That’s why we offer a wide variety of group training programs, small group sessions, and individual training experiences to help you conquer whatever life throws your way. These classes will be offered in our boot camp area of the gym. Read more about the training programs that comprise HIIT Circuit Training below:

Combat Cardio
Combat cardio is formulated to maximize your fat burning capabilities. Taking you through a series of martial arts techniques and movements, this class will push you to tap into absolute exhaustion. Then, just when you think it’s over, you will find the strength to push yourself even more to complete the mission. Fat annihilating!!

Booty Bumpin’ Boot Camp 
It’s time to work on those glutes! This class targets your best asset from multiple angles, working large and small muscle groups for well-rounded results, all while burning total body calories on a major level.

Stretching & Mobility
This group class is designed to improve your mobility, flexibility, and coordination. Not only does it focus on giving you an active, full-body stretch, but it will help you feel limber and more mobile. Open to all ages, this class is the perfect low-intensity addition to your weekly workout routine.

Boxing Mitt Work 
Where focus meets exhaustion: This class is a non-stop, full body blast that allows you to learn the correct boxing techniques and applications.

A cardio kickboxing class that will help you perfect your kickboxing form over time, weaving in formal kickboxing techniques from the pros. But there’s no slowing down: You will be moving and sweating the entire time.

Boxing Technique 
A more technical class, Boxing Technique will let you take your time to learn boxing basics, weaving in dynamic cardio movements throughout that will get your blood pumping and heart beating.


Meet Big Will Robertson, our Director of Group Fitness & Training here at All 4 Health N’ Wellness…

Will Robertson, or “Big Will” as everyone calls him, is the founder of Wardance Training, and has been teaching boxing, kickboxing, personal training, sports-specific conditioning, boot camp classes and HIIT circuit training for 20 years now. He is trained in Animal Flow and APEX-certified. His desire to help his clients unlock their full potential for a healthy mind, body and soul fuels his motivation each day.



I’ve been working out with Big Will for 3 years and over that 3-year period, I came to an epiphany the other day: I have lost 35-40 pounds over that time working out with Big Will. It hasn’t come all at once–it’s come slowly, but I’ve kept it off. Big Will is fantastic, he’s the best thing about the gym. It’s his personality: he’s vibrant, he gets you out of your comfort zone, but I love it and it always keeps me coming back for more.

- Brent F

I have worked out with Big Will at Wardance for over 3 years and I have lost 60 pounds. The reason why I love Wardance is because of the people. It’s my happy place. I can always count on Big Will to fix me no matter what ails me.

- Linda B

When I came into Will’s program about a month ago, I was completely out of shape. I couldn’t breathe, and my hands my feet my mind really didn’t get the moves together at first. About a month and a half into it, I started to get my rhythm. I started to feel the coordination in my hands, feet and lungs; everything started working. At one point when I started, I wanted to quit, but with a lot of help from Big Will who helped me adjust, made me stretch better and helped me get into better positions, I started feeling a lot better and going for it. The Wardance family brought me back to shape and I can’t thank them enough.

- Ram C.

I played 15 years in the NBA and am retired now. I’ve been doing Wardance with Big Will, and when I started, after I retired from the NBA, I had major back problems and knee problems. Honestly, at that point, I didn’t want to get out of bed because I was hurting so much. I wanted to do something that was low-impact but with a high amount of cardiovascular exercise, so I started Wardance boxing.

The experience has been unbelievable. Because of Big Will, because of the type of person he is, that’s why I come here. He’s fun, friendly, respectful, and he pushes us all to be better. When you’ve played sports, you learn to love to be coached. Big Will is a coach to me and takes me to the next level.

- Corey Maggette


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