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Our Approach to Holistic Health Coaching

We are proud to now offer holistic health coaching programs here at All 4 Health N’ Wellness. We believe an approach to diet and nutrition that starts from the inside out. Our key mission behind providing holistic health coaching is to guide our clients on their journey towards improving their eating habits, reducing cravings and working together with the shared goal to feeling healthier, reach an ideal weight and experience increased life satisfaction. You don’t do this by just counting calories—it’s about building genuine relationships with food, others and yourself, creating a community of support and nourishing gradual, realistic change. Our method begins with an InBody analysis composition using our InBody 570, and then our Holistic Health Coach analyzes your results and creates a custom plan from there.

Meet Sarah Belcher, our Holistic Health Coach here at All 4 Health N’ Wellness…

Sarah’s training in Functional Medicine has enabled her to look at the root cause of injury and illness as well as utilize this research-based approach to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. She is committed to every individual’s journey, whether to raise athletic potential, achieve wellness goals or reduced the burden of chronic health issues to move towards vitality. Sarah loves teaching her clients how to improve their quality of life with lifestyle changes including stress management, improving sleep, nutrition and personalized supplementation and this has crossed cultures and countries.Sarah believes is that, because we are all so spectacularly unique, our approach to health and wellness should be too. With nutrition, science is always trying to understand Mr. and Mrs. Average… but who wants to be average? Many people can sell themselves short by blindly following a nutrition convention and fail to look beyond macronutrients. While these are important, she believes that the source of the food and its nutrient density is worth focusing on.
Food is not just a fuel; it is information, connection, energy and medicine. Sarah’s emphasis on food choices are colorful, local, organic and nourishing foods, herbs and spices. Often just following the same weekly quantitative guidelines we fall extremely short on supporting digestive an immune health.Sarah understands that your health needs may or may not be shared with your peers and creates a plan to balance your macronutrients and maximize your micronutrient density from wholesome foods, learn how to find balance in your life, reduce stress and create better habits. Her ultimate goal is to bring back the health part into achieving your goals, whether they are to lose weight, improve fatigue, focus or training performance.

Sarah looks forward to partnering with you on your health and wellness journey!

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